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Feel free to watch one of our previously recorded webinars.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Lynn Wilson at lynn@idrsinc.org.

2019 Webinars
Airbnb Part 1
Airbnb Part 2
Airbnb Part 3
Airbnb Part 4
Airbnb Part 5
Airbnb Part 6
Airbnb Part 7
Airbnb Part 8 (unavailable due to technical difficulties)
Airbnb Part 8
The Role of Credit in Your Small Business
Do It Yourself Video Marketing
Best Practices for Selling at Art Markets
Marketing On A Shoestring Budget
10 Tips for Improving Your Social Media
Tips for Selling to Gift Shops
Photographing Your Art
Email Marketing for Artists

Note: The following webinars were recorded using Adobe Connect.  Please make sure you have Adobe Flash Player enabled in order to see the presentation slides.  You can download Adobe Flash Player for free.

Guidelines for Working with Art Galleries

2018 Webinars
How LPTA Proposals Are Evaluated (Government Contracting)
Top Ten Mistakes Small and Minority Firms Make in Government Contracting
Expanding Your Local Search Presence with Google My Business
Tips for Photographing Your Artwork
Best Practices for Selling at Art Markets
Tips for Selling to Gift Shops with MaryBeth Timothy
Crowdfunding Part 2: What it Takes to Run a Winning Campaign
Utilizing the Artist Portfolio
An Introduction to the Artist Portfolio
Small Business Finance and Personal Credit
Crowdfunding Part 1: Introduction to Crowdfunding
Estimating Start-Up and Operating Costs In Year 1 For Your Small Business

2017 Webinars
How to Repair Your Credit
Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate
Factoring Financing
An Overview of Native CDFIs for Small Business Funding
Get Your Business Found On Google Maps, Part 1 of 2
Get Your Business Found on Google Maps, Part 2 of 2

2016 Webinars
13 Tips to Engage Facebook Fans
4 Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation
Break-Even Analysis
Market Research Part 1
Market Research Part 2

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