Pricing products and services can be a challenge for any Native entrepreneur. In this webinar, you will learn through the experience of other tour operators on how to charge for tourism-related services to ensure good value for the customer and profitability for the business.

Stacia Morfin is the owner of Nez Perce Tourism, LLC.  She stared her tourism company with the vision to unite all people with an integrated approach to intercultural understanding. As a Nez Perce Tribal member, she helps visitors to her region understand that her Nation is alive and dynamic, a place where generations of Nimiipuu access thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual strength. Nez Perce Tourism offers the only tours in the Lewiston, Idaho area that connects visitors to Nimiipuu culture through special events and tours.  To learn more about Nez Perce Tourism visit

 Acosia Red Elk is an Enrolled Member of the Umatilla Reservation in Northeastern Oregon. She is a 10x World Champion Jingle Dancer, Indigenous Yoga Teacher and Facilitator. Red Elk travels the world sharing cultural knowledge and movement, and is known for her unique style of dance, indigenous approach to yoga, public speaking and storytelling. She was selected as an ambassador for UNICEF Germany and a performing artist for the Sydney Opera House.

Red Elk is also the Founder/Creator of Powwow Yoga, a movement practice that combines Indigenous Powwow Dancing with yoga, using the 7th Generation Principles to protect and ensure a future of healthy generations. Finding the practice of yoga seven years ago, this has guided Red Elk towards her natural role as a wellness leader, shown in her passion to share yoga with Native and non-Native Peoples. It’s her goal to spread awareness about the healing benefits of movement and the power of thought, and how these tools can be used daily to release toxic stress and reduce historical and bodily trauma held in the body.

The combination of Red Elk’s talents and passion to share her culture runs deep into the river of tourism. In addition, she offers workshops and performances to help remind Native people to be healthy and proud of who they are.


Sateiokwen Bucktooth is the Founder of Snipe Clan Botanicals. After completing a four-year apprenticeship through the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program in the area of Traditional Medicine and Healing, She felt the need to continue and so Snipe Clan Botanicals was created – a business of bringing people and plants back together. There are many ways in which plants can help with our overall quality of life. From beauty to medicinal,
plants have a way of gently getting people back to where they need to be. At Snipe Clan Botanicals, they believe in making these options to health easy to access. In addition to providing products, Sateiokewn provides educational workshops to help people better understand plants and their many uses.

More about Sateiokewn:
Traditional Ecological Knowledge consultant for the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Environment
Division – currently focusing on the Grasse River Superfund site
In 2018, I won the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Award through the Akwesasne Business
Excellence Awards.
Akwesasne Freedom School Alumni –
Mission Statement: “The Ahkwesásne Freedom School (AFS) was founded in 1979 by
parents who wanted to take back control of their children’s education. Included in the
curriculum is It is located on the Kanien’keháka Territory of Ahkwesáhsne, on the
international border between the United States and Canada, in the state of New York, and
the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The AFS has led the native language revitalization
movement and was the first to implement an immersion program in 1985. The school has
existed for 40 years as a parent administered independent school and has survived on a
shoestring budget all these years. In order to maintain our sovereignty, the school does not
seek federal or state government funding, which allows us to teach in settings outside the
classroom and not be restricted by federal and state educational guidelines. The school is a
model of self-determination and has flourished, providing an immersion environment year
after year and has come to be known worldwide. The Akwesasne Freedom School has
paved the road for future generations to return and continue teaching, and preserving our
language, culture, and identity.”

Received the Haudenosaunee Promise Scholarship to attend Syracuse University where I
graduated with a B.S in Communications and Rhetorical Studies with a Minor in Native
American Studies.

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