The Mapping Your Journey” business plan assistance program is an 8-week program that takes you through the process of answering all the questions needed to develop a business plan.

  • How the program works:
    Each week our business counselor Lynn Wilson will email you a link to an online Google form containing a set of questions about the new business you want to start
  • You type your response to the questions in the form and submit it
  • Once Lynn receives your completed form, she will review your response to each question and provide feedback
  • At the end of the program, Lynn will use your responses to create and provide you with a professional business plan

In addition to the weekly questions, Lynn will also provide resources such as links to our online classes and recorded webinars covering topics pertaining to starting and managing a small business. Lynn will also be available throughout the program to provide personal guidance with tasks such as developing financial statements and conducting market research.

To sign up for the free program, CLICK HERE and complete an intake form. Once your intake form is received, Lynn will email you the questions for week 1.


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