The recent pandemic has forced most Native artists and craftsmen to find creative ways to sell their work since art markets and powwows are being postponed or canceled indefinitely. 

Many are boosting sales through social media and creating online stores through platforms like Etsy.  Some event organizers such as the Oklahoma Indian Festival and even the Santa Fe Indian Market are opting to create online art markets in lieu of canceling their events altogether. This has become a great alternative for the artists and craftsmen who do not already have a strong online presence and are looking for a way to expand their reach and connect with new customers.

Selling at a live online art market event is much different than selling in person. There are special considerations in terms of setting up your booth, interacting with the audience before, during, and after the live event and delivering your sold pieces to the buyer.

To help artists and craftsmen prepare for this new way of selling, the Institue for American Indian Arts and the IDRS Acorn Project is hosting a webinar taught by First Peoples Fund Fellow, Roxanne Best.

Roxanne will teach you best practices in preparing for and participating in an online art market including:

  • Promoting yourself before the event
  • Setting up your booth space for a virtual event
  • Showcasing your products to the audience
  • Creating special offers to encourage attendance
  • Developing online payment options
  • Overcoming technical issues

Click Here to register for the webinar.

For questions contact:

Jonathan Breaker, Blackfoot/Cree
Continuing Education Manager


Lynn Wilson
IDRS Acorn Project

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