Government Service Contracts
Presented by Bennie Gonzales, Supplier University Thursday, June 11th
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The largest growing area of federal contracting is the service area. Being a service provider to the government can be extremely profitable. Some service contracts can be structured to allow them to be extended over several years which can offer unique opportunities for you to grow your business. This course will focus on three major areas associated with service contracts.

Labor Law Requirements
The Service Contract Labor Standards Act along with other labor laws and Executive Orders (EO)
are incorporated in all service contracts and set rigid requirements on contractors. If you are not aware of these requirements, the risks of non-compliance could be devastating to your business. You will learn what is expected of you and how the government enforces these laws.

Government Contract Surveillance
The government will perform periodic oversight and surveillance to ensure the work is performed at acceptable quality levels. In fact, you may be asked to develop a Quality Assurance Surveillance
Plan (QASP) as part of your proposal submittal. You will learn what a QASP is and the importance it plays in a service contract.

The period of performance on some service contracts may be extended unilaterally by the government over several years. You will learn about the option clauses in a contract, the government considerations in exercising an option and the consequences if the option is not exercised in a timely basis.

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